About TKO UK


TKO UK is part of the TKO Media group, the people behind the Spanish based English language radio station TKO fm, The Courier newspaper, thepocketdirectory.com, and many other services.

Established for many years, with bases in both Spain and the UK, TKO Media aims to bring a range of services to the market which supports the needs and demands of the end user, and of businesses and advertisers.

But we know you are not interested in our marketing presentation, so let us tell you about TKO UK.

We play mostly non-stop music with just a sprinkle of presenters.

We play great music.

The best and most popular songs from across the decades, mixed with a choice selection of tunes from today´s top 40 that is our TKO UK music policy. There is a reason why songs become hits, because people buy them and want to listen to them. We guarantee you will know most of the songs played on TKO UK and if you do hear one you haven´t heard before, not only will it be a great song, there will be another one you know along in a moment.

Now, the technical stuff…

Our audio is streamed at 256kbps (kilobits per second).

You don´t have to know what that means, but it is important. Let us tell you why. 256kbps is almost indistinguishable from CD quality. The audio quality is far superior to most music streamed through the internet. In fact, Amazon and iTunes all default to this setting. It means that we are using more of our internet allocation to bring you quality audio, but for us, quality is what matters.

Unlimited Listener Slots.

You may have heard some radio stations apologising for running out of “listener slots” on their internet stream, or apologising because listeners can´t join in. The reality is many of these stations have just 25 or 50, sometimes 100 listener slots available. Not at TKO UK, we pay extra for unlimited listeners slots, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited reach, so we will never run out of places for you. Not only that, we stream over multiple servers and relays so your computer will automatically pick the feed closest to you, ensuring your listening experience is of the highest quality all the time.

What´s Playing.

Our automatic player (the thing on the right) not only shows you what song is playing, it also gives you a nice image or cover for most of the songs, giving you a bit of nostalgia as if you´re flicking through your own record collection at home. You can even see the previous songs played.

We are Responsive.

Our website adapts and changes depending on what device you are viewing us on, whether that is a desktop computer, tablet or mobile, we change to suit you, still giving you all of the quality features above.

Cost-effective advertising.

Because our costs are kept to a minimum, we don´t have presenters to pay on this station for example, we are able to invest more in the equipment and software to bring TKO UK to you, but that also means that we can keep advertising to a far more cost effective level. We have special rates with our sister station, TKO Fm, and The Courier newspaper, should you want to expand your coverage into different medias, but advertising on TKO UK is well within the budget of even the smallest business. Contact us to find out and we will prove it.

By the way, if you want to know more about any of our services, of which there are many, feel free to get in touch, or visit our corporate website, tko.media.